Hello! My name is Carmella Clark, I am 22 years old, and I was born and raised in Essex, Vermont. I grew up in a Christian home and was raised by a single mom. I loved God but did not know God. I had no conviction of my sin or understanding of picking up my cross and following him. God planted many seeds in me over the years but when I reached the age of 17, I started meditating to relieve anxiety. That opened a ton of doors and I ended up denouncing my faith all together and got into a lot of new age stuff, I also dabbled into the occult and ancestor worship.
BUT….On good Friday of 2020, I got radically saved by The Lord and began my relationship with Jesus. He has been working in me ever since; from freeing me of trauma, bitterness, unforgiveness- the whole 9 yards, that every broken person goes through, and maturing me as both a daughter and a disciple.
The burning for our Lord continues to grow. Recently, the Lord has really been stirring my heart for missions in a different country. After months of prayer not knowing what he was calling me to, a season of stagnation and doors being shut, He has stirred my heart to be one with his heart in missions. As I continued to pray, the Lord led me to Youth with A Mission (YWAM).  On January 6th of 2022, I will be spending 3 months in an “immersive discipleship” training in Kona, Hawaii, partnering with YWAM. Then after those 3 months, I will spend 3 more months in a different country doing evangelistic and mercy ministry work.
These 6 months are an opportunity to grow more in who God is calling me to be in Christ in this season. My greatest desire is that Christ be formed in me. What a treasured opportunity that God has opened for me to spend 6 months in a discipleship immersion training.
God’s faithfulness flows from generation to generation. If you share in God’s heart for my generation or share in his heart to move across the nations, to lost brothers and sisters that have yet to know their beloved King and Savior, then I am asking fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to partner with me in prayer and financially. My bare minimum financial goal is 8,250. This money goes directly to airfare, food, and housing while I will be away.  My monthly goals are as follows: November 30th: $ 2,500, December 26th: 2,000, January 31st: 1,750, February 28th: 2,000.
I am excited for the fruit that God is going to bear in me and through me in this season. If God leads you to partner with me financially, you will be added to my donor list where you will be sent updates on how much money the Lord has provided so far and what He is doing in my time with YWAM.
I would love to connect with you in person or by phone to discuss your potential support. New King graciously made an announcement at church and let me set up a table where I had art I made (inspired by the Lord) for donors to take, newsletters and a sign-up sheet to be added to my email list. If you’re open to that idea or have another idea for hosting, I would love to hear more. God gave me that vision for a way to fundraise and this has been all God’s idea the whole way through. The timing and the amount I need to raise made me doubt a lot. There have been a few attempts to walk away from what God wanted for me in this season- but because it’s all His idea, He’s been faithful to lead me back to His purpose for me in this season.
God is faithful and he’s stretching me to trust him to provide. I have prayed and prayed about working a second job to raise the money, and God keeps telling me, “I want to show you who I am as your provider.” So I am stepping out of the boat as I commit my way to Him, trusting He will act. I know He’ll be faithful to carry me the whole way through.
You’re giving is responding to the Lord and his will, not mine. Nothing that I am walking into is for or about me, it’s all about him. In that I can trust and find peace in this process as I walk on water with him and at the end of it all standing on and proclaiming his faithfulness.
 “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” Acts 20:35, I lay that scripture as a reminder of what a gift it is to move in oneness with God’s heart who is the ultimate giver.
As a closing to this letter, I’d like to say a prayer:
“Thank you, Jesus, all praise and honor belong to you O’ God. Thank you we get to bear your image and share in your likeness, thank you that you give us dominion because of the price Jesus paid for us. Thank you, Father, for those you lead to partner with me in your heart and your purposes that will reap a greater harvest for not just one, but many, in your kingdom that cannot and will never be shaken. May you get all the glory, and may your will be done, and your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus' precious and holy name, Amen.”
May God reward you and bless you in your cheerful giving.

Dominican Advance:
Dominican Advance creates opportunity for a brighter future through quality, Christ-centered schools and educational programs to impoverished people living in the Dominican Republic and neighboring islands.
Nearly all of Dominican Advance's schools and programs successfully operate in areas where household incomes are little more than a dollar a day per person. Our work brings good news, hope, and a future to those trapped in a generational cycle of poverty and ignorance.

Ted Mckenzie:
Ted Mckenzie is a missionary working in Lebanon to spread the Gospel
You can sew into Ted's ministry through the following,

Send a check to Daybreak Community Church
Make it out to Daybreak Community Church with "for Ted Mckenzie" in memo line.

Daybreak Community Church
67 Creek Farm Plaza, Suite 2
Colchester, VT 05446

Graves Family: 
Kevin and Joyce are working in Asia to plant churches and spread the good news of the gospel since 1984. They do family ministry, church planting, and leadership training. In 1990 they founded Target Ministries and now oversee an international team of workers planting churches among unreached people groups. They now make their home in Singapore, a hub from which half of the world’s population and the majority of its unreached are within 3000 miles (NY to LA). Kevin has also authored two books and has ministered in more than 25 nations.

You can donate to their mission through the following link 

"I’m experiencing the grace to be back in Budapest and the excitement of what God will do in 2022! Through the Well prayer gatherings, bible studies, worship with the DTS and YWAM and outreaches with my church team, Bread of Life. I’m still filling in the blanks and would appreciate your prayers that I hear and follow Gods guidance. I believe the Lord is itching to do wonders on the earth and looking for those who believe Him and available to use for His glory! I cherish your prayers and your support Thank you! May we all be in faith and obedience in these days!"

Ways to Give:

Write a check payable to YWAM,
with "marie McKenzie" in the memo

Mail check to: YWAM, Accounting Department, PO Box 3000,
Garden Valley, TX 75771-3000


You can use the following Link